Seminar Series

The seminar series is HCW’s most regular event and provides excellent opportunities to keep in touch with fellow postgraduates, and network with speakers from a variety of institutions. We also record certain seminar series papers and make them available online as podcasts – please follow this link for podcasts from previous papers.

If you are interested in presenting a paper please see our open call for papers.

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History and Cultures Workshop Spring Term Programme


Week 2:

23rd January (4.15pm)
Danford Room (Arts, 2nd Floor)

Jack Webb
(University of Liverpool),

Spectres of the Haitian Revolution:    Representations of Faustin Soulouque in the British Press, 1847-1859.

Week 4:

6th February (4.15pm)
Danford Room (Arts, 2nd Floor)

Geoff Levett
(Birkbeck College)

‘Gaelic manhood’ versus ‘Anglican Athletics’ – two models of manliness in Irish sport.

Week 7:

27th February (4.15pm)
Danford Room (Arts, 2nd Floor)

Dr Eloise Moss
(Past and Present Fellow, IHR)

A Metropolis Ruled by Market? : Burglar Alarms and the Regulation of Crime in Interwar London.

Week 9:

13th March (6pm)
Danford Room (Arts, 2nd Floor)

Anne Holdorph
(University of Southampton)

Uniforming Jewish Youth: The Jewish Lads’ Brigade and Jewish Scouts and Guides in the UK, 1895-1939

Week 11: 27th March


Sarah Akrofi-Quarcoo
Women and radio in Ghana in the late colonial period.



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