Seminar Series

The seminar series is HCW’s most regular event and provides excellent opportunities to keep in touch with fellow postgraduates, and network with speakers from a variety of institutions. We also record certain seminar series papers and make them available online as podcasts – please follow this link for podcasts from previous papers.

If you are interested in presenting a paper please see our open call for papers.

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History and Cultures Workshop Spring Term Programme 2015



Week 2:

Thurs 22nd January,  5pm

Fage Library, 2nd floor, Arts

Dr. James White (Alumnus: European University Institute) 

‘Radicals of the Rite: Three Churchmen and the Ritual Rejuvenation of Russian Orthodoxy, 1864-1925’

Week 4:

Thurs  5th February,  5pm,

Fage Library, 2nd floor, Arts

Richard Daglish (University of St. Andrews) 

However, one must keep smiling.”-Sir Robert Brooke-Popham. The Relationship and Political Discourse Between the London Elite and White Kenyan Settler Elite, c. 1930-1945.’

Week 7:

Thurs 19th February,  5pm,

Fage Library, 2nd floor, Arts

Lydia Harris  (Durham University) 

‘Women’s Knowledge of Women’s Bodies:

The Domesticity of Abortion and Contraception, 1000-1200’

Week 9:

Thurs 5th March, 5pm

Fage Library, 2nd floor, Arts


Hannah Graves (University of Warwick) 

Dore Schary: Hollywood’s Forgotten Mogul

Week 11:

Thurs 19th March, 5pm,

Fage Library, 2nd floor, Arts

Amanda Phipps (University of Exeter) 

‘Examining the Use of Theatre in Teaching Schoolchildren About the First World War’



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